Our Dream

Vision Clarity

*We desire to be a Biblically-driven community that first seeks to love God completely and secondly seeks to sacrificially love others. We want to be driven by the Holy Spirit.

*We are an outreach-oriented, convert-driven church. One major goal in our growth is that it will always be driven by many converts, as opposed to only transfer growth.

*We seek to reach those who have dropped out of the organized Christian scene due to hurts from other Christians or for personal reasons.

*We believe the Bible is true from cover to cover. We seek to be a place of refuge for Christians who come from an environment that no longer pursues the Bible as absolute truth.

*We deeply desire to see long-term continuous spiritual growth in each individual we minister to. We do not believe simply “becoming a Christian” is the final step. We want our church family to keep growing in Christ their entire lives! We desire to be real enough to admit all of us have much-needed growth points and we do not need to fake perfection. Being real lets us admit our need to grow and allows God to help us in those areas.

*We want to be driven by worship, prayer, and Bible study and allow other ministries to develop around these goals.

*We desire to serve individual needs, but also place a special emphasis on serving those who may not be able to meet some needs in their lives through their own means (food bank, recovery groups, etc.).

*We desire to serve our community. We don’t charge people to use our building or our services. We try to cooperate with our city and other groups to better serve this region. We even choose to pay sales tax so our community can better fund its roads and schools. We desire to help other churches, local schools, fire, police, and military. We care!

*We are a church that seeks to "restore hope" for those who may have major issues in life and feel Christians will reject them. We especially reach out to those who may have addictions, broken relationships, or other struggles in life. We want to be a place of healing and safety.

*We are a relational church that stresses church community. We want to always grow, but not at the price of community. We are a church with multiple communities as opposed to being one large group. We desire to ensure no one is forgotten and we do not want to ever be “just a crowd.

*We believe life changing transformation happens best in community.

*We strive to be a classless community. This means we do not worry about how much or how little people have financially, educationally or socially.

*We strive to be colorblind and seek to be a church for people of all backgrounds.

*We are an urban church in Colorado Springs, but we also seek to minister to those outside of the Central Colorado Springs area and in the suburbs.

*We place a special emphasis on providing places for people to serve, including entire families with children and/or youth.